Sethos Capital Partners (“Sethos”) is a frontier and emerging market, in-country focused investment organization with the goal of delivering superior returns to our investors. Our philosophy mandates deep in-country insight and knowledge integration—and, thus, we seek to partner with first rate management teams to build exceptional companies with high growth potential.


Sethos, Launched in 2014, is a multisector focused fund to invest in companies operating in the Republic of Colombia, Sethos Colombia Fund I (the “Fund”). The Fund will provide early risk and growth capital financings—typically investing US5 million to US20 million of total financing per transaction—to small and medium sized in-country enterprises (“SMEs”).


The firm has 11 employees with offices in New York, Bogotá and Medellín.



As a frontier and emerging market focused investment organization, Sethos recognizes the upside potential countries in the developing world could enjoy. Put simply, we realize that global GDP growth will come from emerging markets over the next two decades.  


We equally recognize, however, that to deliver and harvest on this potential, Sethos must provide the deepest in-country experience coupled with strong, long-term risk management controls in order to fully realize the upsides.  That is why our vision calls for a minimum ten-year investing commitment in each of the countries where we operate.  Most importantly, we understand that our success is dependent upon the local partnerships we foster and that we must not only build the capabilities of our local investment teams (which is crucial), but we must continuously support the growth and capacity of civil society in each of the countries where we are engaged.


Our Mission

Sethos Capital Partners believes it can continue to deliver superior financial returns to its investors while simultaneously promoting the social as well as physical growth and development of the economies in which it operates.  We firmly believe the two missions must remain aligned.

While we will continue to invest in physical infrastructure, industry and other growth sectors, we will not ignore the social infrastructure space, including education and healthcare initiatives to name a few.

In the end, Sethos’s mission is to remain a mutually beneficial partner to each of the developing economies in which it operates.