Sethos Capital Partners understands that the investment decisions it takes will have far reaching impacts to the local economies it operates. The portfolio companies, for example, in which we invest employ hundreds of people and in turn will affect the lives of thousands of family members.

Thus, our portfolio companies play a vital role in the continued development and growth of their respective local markets and communities.  The immediate impact will be witnessed at the portfolio company level and to our investors. However, we believe true sustainability must positively deliver strong social impacts to the communities we work. As such, Sethos will continue to support and fund social initiatives that improve education, healthcare, public safety and the environment. 

At Sethos we believe we have an obligation to respect and support Global Environmental and Social Standard Settings, such as the IFC Sustainability Standards and the 2010 DFI Working Group on Corporate Governance. Where possible, we always seek to invest in operating companies that make use of intelligent green and carbon neutral technologies. This helps us realize our goal for sustainability, thus establishing the foundation for long-term well being of future generations.